A downloadable game for Windows

This is an #AccessibilityJam entry.

We use www.mygaze.com/ eye tracking technology to bring you hands free gaming. Gamepad/keyboard/mouse also supported.

Target enemy ships with your eyes and launch a barrage of homing lasers at them.

Use look gestures to perform rolls and evasive manouvers.

Rack up combos for high scores. (100xcombo)

Music by Deseaced Superior Technician.

If you don't have an eye tracking device but you have a webcam you can try one of these free/cheap eye tracking software:



  • Let your eyes linger on one of the menu options to select
  • Look at the edge of the screen to do a barrel roll
  • Look at enemies to target them
  • Lasers auto-fire after a second
  • Use the return key to pick an option if using keyboard
  • Double tap left/right on the keyboard to do a roll
  • Press the shoulder buttons on a gamepad to do a roll
  • You can edit button config or invert y-axis in the setup menu (download only)
  • Pick a lower quality setting if you experience any lag (download only)





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Play this game in a browser here:


Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract the contents.

Start your desired eye-tracking software (optional)

(download some from here: http://t.co/na29s9NjeL)

Start the .exe

Gaze at the menu buttons or mouse over the menu to start the game.


DF_Win.zip 15 MB