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You are a dino space gardener.

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Ludum Dare 30 Entry (Connected Worlds)


A/D = Walk
Space = Jump
Left Mouse Button = Eat
Right Mouse Button = Poo
R = Restart level

  • *Fertilize soil with your poo.
  • *Eating seeds lets you poo seeds onto fertilized soil to grow a plant.
  • *Animals will eat seeds too.
  • *If you cause a plant or animal to go extinct you might need to restart.
  • *The 2nd plant eats snails
  • *There is a thank you screen at the end

Water colours on paper

A terrible disaster wiped out almost all life in the galaxy.
You wake up to a sky with no stars and a barren world.

You find ancient ruins on the planet which rumbles into life as you approach. It seems to react to life on the planet.

There's nothing for you on this world so you jump into the shimmering portal and being your journey across the galaxy to find another of your species and uncover the *truth. (*truth not included)

There were going to be more plants and animal types and more planets but we ran out of time as usual. You were going to uncover the cause of the apocalypse and the origin of the star gates through paintings on ruins but that was cut also.
The original story had ancient interstellar beings who built the star gates to travel between worlds but they uncover a plague that threatened to spread across the stargate network and wipe out all life. As a last resort they construct a super gate to escape to another galaxy but inadvertently triggers the disaster which caused the stars to fade and destroyed themselves.

Try keeping seeds in the air by head butting them :)


Music by Deceased Superior Technician

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